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Spiral Dynamics

Certification programs authorized by the Don Beck Spiral Dynamics Integral foundation
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The ValueMatch Academy offers training to guide you through the challenges of social interaction in an ever-evolving and diverse world. Acquire versatile skills applicable to personal coaching, team coaching, organizational development, and social projects.

What our learners say

Daphne Brouwer, Facilitator dIF works, Netherlands.

To get to grips with the substance of Spiral Dynamics, you have to spar with each other, share and make flying hours. During the Certified Practitioner training you had a lot of time and the right people to do this. After 3 days, you are fully charged and ready to get started with the wonderful ValueMatch material.

Patrick 't Hart, Organization consultant, Netherlands

The expert guidance of ValueMatch has provided me with the right conditions to further deepen my knowledge and skills in an enjoyable way, as regards the already rich legacy of Spiral Dynamics. In doing so, the direct connection that ValueMatch makes with the thinking behind Reinventing Organizations (Laloux) is certainly of added value for me.

Samantha Lutz, Executive and Organizational Consultant, USA

I learned so much during the class, even though I already knew about Spiral Dynamics. The trainer held the space and doing the exercises it became an experiential class. This should me mandatory for anybody claiming to be educated in Spiral Dynamics, to get the grounding of what it really is.

Vincent, 49, researcher engineer and yoga teacher, Belgium

A brilliant Spiral Dynamics training adapted to an on line format. Learn the levels and colors, with historical background, take the time to change your way of thinking, give a new sight to your life and the human situations you approach.

Selma Karaca, Erickson Coach, Istanbul Turkey. 

Spiral Dynamics Integral is a great way to understand yourself in universe while relating to others through Value Systems. ValueMatch has skillfully integrated this with Ken Wilber's organizational view. That has resulted in a beautiful combination, which can help organizations utilize this knowledge and develop together with it's people.

Massimo Lavelli, software engineer, 35, Italy

I enjoyed every minute of my training with ValueMatch. If you want to dig more into Graves's work, here's the place to start. A lot of nuances and historical materials complete a very profound journey into the Spiral, with yes some work to do and lots of interaction and fun with the trainers and participants. Thanks, ValueMatch, for offering a so well done training.

Craig Young, coach, consultant    54, Canada & Mozambique

A transformational training course for all participants! The more I studied, the more I uncovered and discovered there is to explore, learn, experiment and put into practice. Indeed, it is a more than a training course - it is a transformational journey in and of itself!

Marc Mathys, Paradigm21, Switzerland

This training gave me a deeper access to working with spiral dynamics in organizational transformation.

Jean Denys JOUBERT, consultant, France.

Great course, with an excellent balance between concrete cases, useful debriefing, and excellent material on the platform.

Our programs

The ValueMatch academy offers Spiral Dynamics certification training, authorized by the Dr. Don Beck foundation.

Spiral Dynamics fundamentals level 1 training

This training teaches you all the essentials you need to know about Spiral Dynamics, before you can apply the material. The training is for those without prior certification, and lets you dive deep into the material. An international and multi media learning journey.

ValueMatch Certified Practitioner training

For professionals who want to apply Spiral Dynamics using ValueMatch assessments. This is a practical training that let's participants apply what they learn directly in their professional practice. A level 2 certification training for those who hold a level 1 certificate.

Spiral Dynamics level 3 mentor program

For those who are certified in Spiral Dynamics level 1 and 2 and who have experience in the application of it, whatever way, we offer this mentor program. This is an individual journey, guided by two mentors to become a Spiral Dynamics master practitioner.


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