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Spiral Dynamics Individual Development, Leadership and Coaching

Level 2 Certification Training

Course begins February 5th 2024

An in-depth workshop on how we support ourselves and our clients in their developmental journey.

Increase your skill and awareness of our living systems intelligence and how to incoporate somatic and embodied understanding alongside cognition to enhance capacity and remove blockages to growth.

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From Control to Adaptability

Humanity has demonstrated that we cannot manage complexity by analysis and control.  We cannot solve problems using the mindsets that created them.  Other intelligences are needed. 

Much of what we need is present in our somatic knowing, our intuitive awareness and our instinctual responses.  More is available from our direct connectedness to each other and to natural systems. 

We have suppressed Beige, Purple and Red systems in ourselves and our societal mix.  Rebalancing these, and raising our right-brain perceptual systems opens our range of adaptive responses.

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Learning to surf the wave

Using the developmental stages of SD, experientially and theoretically:

How we learn at different levels of development and how to re-awaken lost modalities
What the differing capacities are at each stage and how to see what is missing and needed
How arrested and closed development can arise from  the typical wounding that can occur at each stage
New frames for ‘Leadership’ such as Liminal, Relational/Collective, Participatory, Conscious

You will gain wider understanding, sensing and experience

Each developmental stage

How each of these operates in you and in your clients, and how dysfunctions arise

Underlying Bio-Psychology

The threads of body, mind and spirit that we operate from

Integrating perspectives

How these perspectives can connect to your current methods in the support of your clients

Unlocking and integrating

Spot and unlearn the teachings and habits of past education, upbringing and experience

Leading people

Opening expanded perceptual bandwidth for self and others

Empowerment and choice

How to maintain adaptive responsiveness when maps are failing and experts are clueless

Course information

Blended learning
Who benefits

Blended learning journey

The Spiral Dynamics fundamentals level 2 training is a rich and blended learning journey.   There is a mix of materials, including 8 lectures with Q&A sessions and sharing.  There will also be personal explorations of your inner landscape to deepen your awareness of what takes place beneath the cognitive surface.

Some exercises you do between lectures with a buddy that you choose at the start of the training.  In the sharings we learn from one another and from our client stories

Spiral Dynamics level 2 certification

Upon successful completion of the course, you obtain a Spiral Dynamics level 2 certificate, issued by The Don Beck Spiral Dynamics Integral Foundation.

It is possible to attend this training without being fully Level 1 Certified, but significant prior Spiral Dynamics knowledge will be required if you are to benefit. We will discuss those requirements if you are interested.

You would not receive a Level 2 certificate, until after you complete a Level 1, and only if this takes place within 12 months

Dr. Don Beck 1937 - 2022

Dates and times

There are 8 instructor-led online sessions of 2 hours, spread out over 3 months.  

Planned dates are Mondays:-
February 5th and 19th
March 4th and 18th
April 8th and 22nd
May 13th and 20th 

All session are recorded (only accessible to participants), so if you miss a session you can catch up.  However, live attendance is to your advantage. Each session starts at 17:00 CET (Central European time).

Who benefits

This training is for coaches, mentors or guides who are working in the Personal Development Field and/or supporting Leaders in their inner development, navigating the change waves with an awareness of the larger field.

The training will be an experiential co-creation, drawing from all that is
in the collective of participants.


Price for the training is € 725 for small companies and € 875 for corporates. Prices exclude 21% Dutch VAT, however participants in the EU with a valid VAT number and participants outside the EU don't pay VAT. Price includes a ValueMatch Values and Change profiling report and 1 year access to our online resources. If there is still an early bird discount available, you find it above on this page.
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Course sessions (when enrolled)

Course Lessons

Your instructor

With decades of experience in working for large multinationals as a director, consultant and trainer, Jon is a top-down thinker, holistic in approach with a sharply pragmatic focus. 

From his original Masters degree in Human Sciences,  Jon has in parallel pursued many avenues of psychological development and self-awareness.  He regards his career success as deriving from this developmental focus.  This practical experience is at the core of the course.

Trained by Dr. Don Beck, he is experienced in values-based cultural change and is accredited as an SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence coach.  Jon is also a Director of the FutureConsiderations consultancy, Chair of trustees for a local charity recently rated as "outstanding", a past director for Conscious Capitalism UK and the author of highly respected books on the science of consciousness and on financial systemics.
Jon Freeman - Spiral Futures
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