ValueMatch Certified Practitioner training - October 2024

Certified practitioners

Live sessions

Time investment

Assessments included

Analyze values, teams & culture

In this workshop participants will learn to apply Spiral Dynamics Integral in working with organizational culture, change processes, group coaching and personal coaching through the use of ValueMatch online questionnaires and profiling instruments. This can be applied in coaching, training, consultancy and HR work. Participants can start applying the work directly in their professional practice. Much emphasis is also put on how to work with Spiral Dynamics values and change in coaching and organizational development.
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Course information


Blended learning

The training consists of online lectures, assignments and lessons provided via our online learning system. This guides you through the course step by step, includes videos, slides and text. The integrated community space allows you to exchange information with other students and the instructor. You choose a buddy to do some exercises with and our trainings are attended by people from all around the world.

Knowledge of Spiral Dynamics

Prerequisite is sufficient knowledge of Spiral Dynamics Integral, equivalent to Spiral Dynamics level 1 training. If you are uncertain you have enough knowledge you can do the Spiral Dynamics Knowledge Test for free. Upon completion participants are ValueMatch Certified Practitioners.

Discount for contractors and small businesses

Fee for small businesses (up to 20 employees) is € 925, corporate fee is € 1125. Prices exclude VAT when applicable (in the Netherlands and private participants in the EU).

If you have a Spiral Dynamics level 1 certificate, you can separately purchase the level 2 certificate, this costs € 100 extra.

Certification authorized by the Dr. Don Beck foundation

Upon successful completion you will become a ValueMatch Certified Practitioner.

Participants who already have a Spiral Dynamics level 1 certification can also obtain a Spiral Dynamics level 2 certification authorized by  the Dr. Don Beck Foundation after completion. The price of the ValueMatch certification is included, the Spiral Dynamics certification costs 100 euro extra.
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Bundle of assessments

The workshop fee includes a bundle of ValueMatch profiles to be used for training purposes. This includes the value and change assessment for two people and for a group of up to 5 people the values, change and culture assessment. Of course, you as a participant will also get to fill them out! Besides that you get access to much material that will help you in the application of Spiral Dynamics and ValueMatch assessments.


English is the language for our online course and the sessions. Some of the material on our website is also available in Dutch and German, our questionnaires in English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Croatian, Turkish, Polish and soon partially in Danish and Arabic. For training in other languages, please contact us.

ValueMatch Certified Practitioner benefits:

  • Know the details of ValueMatch assessments & have experience in applying them in individual work as well as team work.
  • Be authorized to work with our culture instrument.
  • Become part of our worldwide community of practice, which includes regular update sessions.
  • Get substantial discount when purchasing or reselling our assessments.
  • Get access to our ValueBase, tools for working with Spiral Dynamics and our assessments.
  • Be allowed to user the certification logo and advertise yourself in our practitioner directory.

Sessions and time investment

Once you sign up for this training, you can directly start your learning journey by using the online materials. Below you find times and dates of the online sessions. We estimate that besides attending these sessions, you will need about 20 to 30 hours to complete this course, this includes the time you spent analyzing profiles and conducting debrief/coach sessions.

Live sessions

Course Lessons


Auke van Nimwegen

Auke van Nimwegen, co-founder of ValueMatch is your instructor for this course. He has worked closely with Dr. Don Beck since 2007 and is a Spiral Dynamics master practitioner, authorized to teach certification courses. As an entrepreneur and organizational development consultant, he has decades of experience in working with organizational culture as well as coaching individuals.
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